Winter Adventures

This winter season found us in Cambodia and Vietnam!

We enjoyed a two month family trip in Asia. The trip was our first family adventure outside of North America and was enjoyed by all. Cristina and I have travelled internationally for many years before having a family and it was great to get back on the travel circuit.

Our son Kale adjusted well to the climate and new culture. We found that the challenges of traveling as a family are outweighed by the learning opportunities, adventures and new experiences to be had. Having a child gave us a common bond with many of the locals and lead to new friendships and experiences along the way.
We enjoyed the long walks on the beach, exotic fruit and cuisine, swimming and bustling markets. Asia is full of life to the point of overwhelming the senses.

We were reminded of how much we love to travel and most of all, how thankful we are to come home to British Columbia, Canada.