Get off the grid and reconnect with nature

view of the sea from the deck

We have dreams all the time. Don’t we? Some people remember their dreams, others give up on their dreams. Who has the time for dreaming anyway?!

It seems with modern technology and our wireless environment, our dreamtime is being taken up, perhaps in more ways than we realize.
With our busy lives, sleeping and dreaming have become less of a priority. There are so few precious spare moments in a day, even daydreaming has been put aside for more “important” things.

Why is this? We are so influenced by media and distracted by mobile information, we forget to stop and be in the moment, turn off our phones, have a stimulating conversation with a stranger, check in with our selves, or simply space out and dream.

Studies show that being in nature has a positive impact on our minds and bodies. In fact, some believe that many of us suffer from ‘nature deficit disorder’. eMentalHealth

When we take a moment to go for a walk in nature and realize there is no cell reception what happens? Well the first thing we do is walk around in circles waiving our phones above our heads to try and pick up a signal. Then there is the moment of surrender when we turn off the phone and unplug.

All the pressure and feelings of needing to be reached evaporate and we find ourselves in the moment. The space that opens up for us is quite profound. With no distractions we become available to our selves.

The feeling of being unplugged while in nature is freeing.

It feels so good to soak up these moments and recharge our batteries.

Cristina and Journey unplug on the deck, watching the sun set.We all depend on our devises to some degree. They serve us well most of the time. The concern is things are shifting out of balance. Becoming absorbed by screen time at work, in the home and in between, our family connections, friendships and partnerships can suffer when there’s no time for dreaming together.

The beauty is, reconnecting to nature comes down to choice.

When we feel like it is time for a break from the buzz, nature awaits and is there for us in so many ways. A rushing river in spring time, the sound of bird migration, wind in the trees, or a simple walk in the forest, allow our minds to rest from the demands of the every day.

Dreaming, who has time for it? We all do! We simply need to make a little more room in our lives for it. Dreaming helps us to process and maintain mental and emotional wellness.

Daydreaming is a catapult for healthy changes and exciting new adventures. It’s the first step in manifesting our vision. So the, “Dare to Dream”, is on. Dream Big, Dream small just take the time and see what happens next.

There is no need to abandon all that technology has to offer, just know when to turn off and unplug from it and allow Nature to charge us up.

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