off the grid

Current Events

Arriving to Go with the Flow We start our tours with a water taxi ride out to Maurelle Island. We leave from the historic Heriot Bay Inn and cruise up the east coast of Quadra Island until Maurelle’s Dome Mountain appears on the mountainous horizon. Then we duck into Surge Narrows, and that’s when things…

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Cooking in the Wilderness

Our Destination is Near The wind is blowing and the sea state is changing quickly. Looking around me, I notice the group is starting to fatigue and hunger is starting to set in. As one of the sea kayak guides leading this group, I know exactly what will need to happen when we arrive at…

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Preparing Yummy Plum Preserve

The Busy Harvest It can be overwhelming in the fall after a busy summer to settle into the harvest and figure out what to do with all the bounty falling from the trees. If I have freezer room I will simply harvest the fruit whole, freezer bag it and figure out what I’m going to…

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Reflections on Connections

Divisive Devices In my Internet wanderings this week I stumbled across a remarkable statistic; 35% of British Columbians would prefer to give up their spouse for the day than go without their smartphone. This little nugget is from a recent study released by BC Hydro that looks into our relationships with our devices. “A new…

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Get off the grid and reconnect with nature

view of the sea from the deck

We have dreams all the time. Don’t we? Some people remember their dreams, others give up on their dreams. Who has the time for dreaming anyway?! It seems with modern technology and our wireless environment, our dreamtime is being taken up, perhaps in more ways than we realize. With our busy lives, sleeping and dreaming…

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Winter Adventures

This winter season found us in Cambodia and Vietnam! We enjoyed a two month family trip in Asia. The trip was our first family adventure outside of North America and was enjoyed by all. Cristina and I have travelled internationally for many years before having a family and it was great to get back on…

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